Confluence Working Stats

Toru Takahashi
Jun 15, 2021


You may use Confluence as your product documentation. You may want to know how many number of article updates happened by Who. Confluence itself doesn’t have a lot of built-in analytics capabilities. Using Confluence API may help you to pull such a statistic. (Thanks to

Here is my tiny script to pull Confluece API.

This script is executed by the following command (you need to update params in space_key before it runs.)

$ email password

The script sends a info to fluentd on local and then push it to Treasure Data.

With SQL on Treasure Data, you can visualize this type of data; Num of new article created by an editor, Num of existing article updates by an editor.

JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(JSON_PARSE("by"), '$.username') as username,
date(from_iso8601_timestamp("when")) as d,
count(1) as num_update
from revisions
group by 1,2