You may use Confluence as your product documentation. You may want to know how many number of article updates happened by Who. Confluence itself doesn’t have a lot of built-in analytics capabilities. Using Confluence API may help you to pull such a statistic. (Thanks to

Here is my tiny script to pull Confluece API.

This script is executed by the following command (you need to update params in space_key before it runs.)

$ email password

The script sends a info to fluentd on local and then push it to Treasure Data.

With SQL on Treasure Data, you can visualize this type of data; Num of new article created by an editor, Num of existing article updates by an editor.

JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(JSON_PARSE("by"), '$.username') as username,
date(from_iso8601_timestamp("when")) as d,
count(1) as num_update
from revisions
group by 1,2